Card Games

Lone Shark is a fun, thought-provoking and engaging game that’s sure to be the life of the party!

In this game, each player owes a loan shark $250 (two players) or $500 (four player teams). The objective of this game is to pay off the loan shark $50 at a time using the number cards. Every time the cards add up to fifty, the individual or team can pick it up and place it in their stash. This seems easy enough until you add a cast of characters like Nosy Neighbors, a Thief, a Landlord and a Child Support Officer! Played in twos, this game is sure to keep you laughing and engaged, but when played in teams of four, Lone Shark will keep you at the end of your seat!

Grown Girl card game is fun in a box! This ingenious and amazing game involves math, and for the more skilled players, strategy! The Grown Girl Card Game will bring out the kid in you as you’re challenged to add, subtract, multiply, divide and just revisit the basics of math! Make sure that you have your calculator on standby because you cannot pause the game to count on your fingers!

Strong’s #4920: suniemi (pronounced soon-ee’-ay-mee) from 4862 and hiemi (to send); to put together, i.e. (mentally) to comprehend; by implication, to act piously:– consider, understand, be wise.

How well do you know the Bible? This fun and engaging game will not only test your knowledge, but it is the perfect tool to help you, your family and your church family remember the Bible! And you’ll get a few chuckles too!

Prophesy! is a card game for prophets and prophetic people who want to strengthen their prophetic gift and become more comfortable with the voice of God, as well as their own voices. Unlike its counterparts Preach!, Sang!, and Testify!, Prophesy! Isn’t necessarily a game filled with laughter; this game has more serious undertones because the world of prophesy requires a certain degree of sensitivity. Nevertheless, Prophesy! can be fun, funny and revelatory, all at the same time!

Preach! is a card game specifically designed to help you exercise your preaching muscles. Packed with fun, humor and inspiration, Preach! Will be the highlight of every gathering!!

And, try as you may, you won’t be able to get through this game without laughing, but laughing just might cost you a few points!

Testify! is a card game for believers who want to share some of their most fantastic testimonies and stories … only, there’s a twist to this testimonial service! Testifiers will read a single word or phrase from the Testimonial deck and they have ten seconds to remember a testimony relating to that word. Don’t lie, though! Opponents can freely challenge you, forcing you to prove the validity of that story, if in doubt!

Teach! is a card game specifically designed to test your knowledge and help you to build your confidence as a Teacher, a Preacher or whatever leadership role you stand in. This game will not only challenge you intellectually, it will have you on the edge of your seat in laughter!

Sang! is a card game for singers, song writers and song lovers! Test and enhance your vocal skills by creating a song on the spot using nothing but a single word or phrase! And try not to laugh! Some of these phrases are outrageous and laughing could cost you a few points!

Daddy’s Girl is a Christian dating card game for women who want to ask the right questions when in the dating arena! Each question is labeled by comfort level. This lets you know which question to ask, for example, on the first date versus which questions to ask on the third date. These pointed questions are great ice-breakers. All the same, they are the very questions that a father would ask!